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A year-round focus on wellbeing

Looking into a new year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in resolutions and promises of self-improvement. There’s notions of eating better and drinking less, being more organised, making more sustainable choices, taking up a fresh hobby, learning a new skill – but undoubtedly most new year’s promises land somewhere in the realm of wellness.

We’re talking exercise, fitness, health and wellbeing. And while setting personal goals at the start of the year is noble, here at Remarkables Park Town Centre we recognise that wellness is a journey, a long-game, a lifestyle.

Recently, over the past few years, we have focussed on bringing more health, beauty and fitness offerings to our community. We now proudly boast over 15 tenants in this space, so whether you’re looking for new ways to move your body, relax and rejuvenate, or refresh your look – there’s much to explore and choose from at Remarkables Park Town Centre.


It’s in the eye of the beholder right? Now, we think you’re beautiful regardless, but if you’ve glanced at your reflection and thought about booking in a haircut, or maybe getting that suspect mole checked out – we are here for you. 

Skin Institute is a specialist skincare clinic that offers a comprehensive range of specialist, cosmetic and surgical services and treatments within the skin cancer, veins, appearance and beauty therapy categories. Skin Institute is home to leading dermatologists and appearance medicine doctors as well as a team of expert and highly specialised registered nurses.

Alternatively at the other end of the park is Caci – skin, laser and injectables experts in Queenstown. Caci’s team of skin therapists and registered nurses are highly trained and experienced in skin health, cosmetic injectables, laser hair removal and body shaping. Ever your beauty hype-women they’re here to empower you with the best advice, skincare and treatments, so you can feel confident in your skin.

Just under Caci you’ll find Vivo, Hair and Skin experts. With salons up and down the county, it’s no wonder that thousands of people trust their hair with the incredibly talented stylists at Vivo. Cut, colour, balayage, foils and highlights, blow waves and styling – they do it all. Vivo also stock leading haircare brands, so even if your Olaplex is out of your GHD is kaput, see these guys for the very best in hair maintenance. Alongside the very best in haircare, amazing, healthy and glowing skin is also Vivo’s passion. They have a team of skin therapists on hand to guide you through your skin health journey, from taking an in-depth look at your skin concerns, to developing a tailored treatment plan to target you underlying problems and leave you with transformed, healthy skin.


It’s no secret that as the adventure playground of New Zealand, Queenstown has some of the most incredible landscapes and outdoor settings for exercise.

So with that in mind, and with the sun still shining for longer and warmer days – there’s something to be said for getting out in nature and having a play. A hunt? A fish? Not your typical fitness profile, (but hey it’s Queenstown) check out Queenstown Hunting & Fishing in the lower section of Remarks Park. The guys there a full of tips, advice, local knowledge and they’ll guide you in the right direction for all the adventure gear you need.

Ok, but if you’re looking for your next fitness fix or love affair, we have plenty of suitors.

First up is Fierce Grace Hot Yoga. Founded by Michele Pernetta, leader of the UK hot yoga revolution in the mid-nineties, Fierce Grace Studios can be found in 10 countries across 23 locations. A combination of Ashtanga, Iyengar, Power, Classical Hatha, Yin and Bikram yoga, each class has a different focus and mood, sequenced in ways that adhere to ancient yogic principles. Find your strength and flexibility, your fierce and your grace.

Ladies, this one is for you. Remarkables Womens Health and Fitness is Queenstown’s only Women’s gym. Here to empower and support women of all ages to become their best through fitness and health, Remarkables Women’s Health and Fitness offers a complete range of services and facilities. Whether that’s movement and strength training, bootcamp, group classes and nutritional advice including meal plans and nutritionist guidance. Now here comes the best part – for the mums out there – two words: Child Care. Yes, they offer onsite childminding for your convenience. Workout knowing that your children are enjoying a clean, secure environment in our childminding area. Too easy.

Looking for a dynamic and transformative movement? Align Pilates is most excellent. Queenstown’s first Reformer Pilates studio, Align will truly take you from tired to inspired. Their pilates classes offer a dynamic and challenging form of exercise with an emphasis on mind-body awareness. Align Pilates is based on the traditional and authentic teachings of Joseph Pilates. You’ll find the stillness and support to dramatically improve your strength, posture, core, stability, physique and sense of well-being.

Snap Fitness. Offering 24/7 access with cardio and strength equipment, functional training zones and personal training all in a friendly and supportive environment. The beauty of Snap is its design to work with your schedule. We’re a community built on tourism, travel and hospitality which means regular hours and a 9 -5 routine is not the norm. Sp being open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week means fitness can still be a priority, anytime.


Is our own biggest asset and something that needs constant attention. Here at Remarkables Park, we have a host of destinations that can guide you with any health query.

From General Practitioners, optometry, audiology, dentistry and orthodontics, to dermatology, pharmacy and specialist medical services. You’re never far from expert medical advice and help here at Remarkables Park Town Centre.

How we Après Ski

Better late, than never. Our Winter Edit.

A tribute to arguably the most popular season here in Queenstown – which despite going to publish in mid-September – feels as if it’s in full swing (let’s be real, we’re not packing our puffers away anytime soon). And so, this becomes a nod to all things seasonably still appropriate, but mostly a nod to winter’s most chic convention and an alpine ritual: Après Ski.

Après Ski, quite literally ‘after ski’ in French, is an umbrella term for popular post-ski activities, but in recent cultural sub-text it’s mainly used for … beverages. We see you mulled wine. In this edit, we take après ski and frame it for you, our community and how we at Remarks Park can make your day out on the slopes just that little bit more memorable.

Now, we know it’s technically Après Ski, but we read somewhere that there’s ‘no official timeframe’ for it, so we’re taking this with a grain of salt and suggesting that you might want to think about fueling up en-route. The Coffee Club’s signature Eggs Benedict is a staple on its all-day breakfast menu. Toasted ciabatta, fresh baby spinach, poached eggs and creamy hollandaise with a choice of bacon, smoked salmon or mushrooms…*chefs kiss. Say no more.

While you’re here, are you warm enough? Whether the answer is yes or no, Wild South is founded on the understanding that in this part of the world it may be sub-zero temperatures in the morning then 20 degrees by lunchtime, so their mission is to create versatile clothing that can take you anywhere. The Cashmere Fendleton Crew is one such item. Made from 100% cashmere wool, a fibre known for its insulation, longevity and incredible softness, this fine knit has the dynamic ability to keep you warm and let your body breathe. Did we mention it’s on sale?

Knowing you have the right snow apparel can take a bit of trial and error, especially if you’re new to the business of skiing, but getting it right for kids can add another layer of challenge. Rockies accepts this challenge. Stocking the likes of Burton, Quiksilver, Roxy and Spyder, Rockies carry the best in snow gear for newborns right up to 16 years.

The beauty of Remarks Park is plentiful, but in this edit we bring to light our location. At the foot of the Remarkables we are but a short detour on the way home. For those not ready to peel off the layers and sink into their couch, there’s many an après ski to consider.

If your body is yearning for a bit of tender loving care after a day up the mountain, look no further than City Cave. An oasis for total mind and body relaxation, City Cave offers float, sauna and massage therapy. Believers of a holistic approach to health and the gut connection City Cave stock health and wellness tonics from NZ brand No Ugly. Pair a City Cave treatment with a No Ugly Immunity Tonic + Goju Ginger Shot (wellness on top of wellness) and you’ll be brand new.

Speaking of tender loving care, we can all acknowledge that winter comes hand in hand with illness. And, like a warm all-embracing hug from Grandma, the team at Unichem Remarkables Pharmacy are there to help you feel taken care of. Dedicated experts with a wealth of knowledge on all things medicinal, supplements, health and wellbeing, resident Pharmacists Clare, Cohen and Lawrence will help guide you to the best remedy.

Much of your time on the skis or snowboard means and having complete faith in muscle strength – often from muscles you didn’t know existed – but are rudely reminded of the next day. Core strength and stability is at the heart of Reformer Pilates, a dynamic movement exercise which hones in on correct postural alignment through resistance, promoting strength, tone and flexibility. Queenstown’s first reformer Pilates studio Align is run by founder Emma Cochrane and is the ultimate workout for not only sculpting that bod, but for finding space and length in movement giving you the après stretch you know you need.

Slow and steady not your way of winding down? We get it, you’re a mountain (wo)man, you live in Queenstown for a reason and naturally adventure breeds’ adventure.

The guys at Evo Cycles get this. Specialists in all things biking, winter trails are not off limits. But safety is key, which is why the gloworm 1700 Lumen Light Set is your true companion if your après ski takes you from one track to another.

All good days must end with good food. Giovi are a little slice of Italy in Remarks Park that dishes up authentic and traditionally honoured Italian fare. Giovanna and her team are passionate about their heritage cuisine with Giovi’s kitchen sporting the Ferrari of pasta making equipment. Now, given there’s a lot of fresh pasta (and pizza, and gnocci) on the menu to choose from it’s no wonder that Giovi’s TriColore, a dish featuring a trio of unbelievably beautiful pasta’s – and reminiscent of a certain flag – is the real hero this après ski season. La vita really is bella.

This wouldn’t be an appropriate après ski write up without mentioning the customary beverage. So, let’s explore some that will tickle your fancy. Martinis are the king of apéritif cocktails and Giovi’s serves up some delicious renditions.

Try the Blood Orange Martini for a fresh citrus take on the classic, or the Nocciola Martini, a heavier hazelnut and espresso creation that says “your night is just getting started”. Or pop over to The Shelter Bar for a warming mulled wine, a familiar Central Otago Pinot, or one of their many craft beers on tap.

And that’s how we après ski.

NB: It’s probably important to note that you don’t have to have been up the mountain to enjoy any of said après ski activities. You do you.

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