Hop into Our Easter Bunny Hunt Adventure!

Hey there, little explorers and big helpers!

It’s time to get your bunny ears ready for an egg-citing week at our shopping centre. We’ve got a super fun Bunny Hunt just for you!

Start your adventure by hopping over to Te Atamira to grab your very own magical colouring sheet.

But guess what?

The back of your sheet is a secret treasure map with 9 Easter eggs that need your detective eyes to find them.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Find those cheeky bunnies, collect stamps, and fill up your sheet to uncover a special surprise.

Find Your Way to Fun: With your trusty map in hand, you’ll become a bunny-finding expert, weaving through the shopping centre on a thrilling chase to spot each hidden bunny friend.

After your great hunt, bounce back to Te Atamira with your stamped masterpiece and say “ta-da!” to receive a super cool Easter gift bag! Inside, you’ll find yummy chocolate eggs, wooden eggs that you can decorate with crayons (we can’t wait to see your designs!), and other goodies. Don’t dilly-dally; we’ve got 200 gift bags waiting for the quickest bunny hunters!

And there’s more! Turn your stamp sheet over and let your imagination run wild in our colouring competition. Share your colourful creations for a chance to win even more prizes. It’s a perfect way for kids (and parents too!) to show off their artistic skills.

So, are you ready to join the fun?

Put on your adventure hats, grab your colouring pencils, and let’s make this Easter Bunny Hunt the most unforgettable adventure ever!


See you there, super sleuths!