Vivo Hair Salon

Vivo Hair Salon in Remarkables Park Town Centre is part of a group of over 80 salons across the country. A privately owned, family-run business VIVO are all about facilitating the best stylists in local communities across the country while ensuring that no matter how big or small your town or city is, their training and education is up to date with the latest in hairdressing techniques and education. We also pride ourselves in being comprehensive, industry leaders in skin care, our clients receive highly personalized services.

Hair you love, guaranteed. We know, that’s a bold statement! But here at Vivo, we are so confident of our ability to give you hair that you love, we actually promise it.

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday | 9am – 6pm
Saturday | 9am – 9pm


26/12 Hawthorne Drive

Remarkables Park

Queenstown 9300

03 409 2206